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Weed Abatement Subscription Program

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City of Beaumont
Department of Building and Safety/Code Enforcement
Weed Abatement Subscription Program Enrollment Form
The City of Beaumont Subscription Program is for property owners who do not have the ability or the time to clear the flammable vegetation from their property. The program was designed to help the property owners to meet compliance of the City of Beaumont Fire Protection Ordinance 385 and Municipal Code 8.08.010 fire hazard abatement.

The Subscription Program is NOT a landscaping service. Being on the subscription program ensures the property owner that the property is free of flammable vegetation during the period of fire season. In some cases properties experience re-growth and must be abated more than once due to unpredictable weather. The subscription program will abate your property up to 2 times if needed (you will be charged for each time). Any further abatement will be of permission of the property owner.

The services rendered on abating properties are disking, handwork, disposing of the hazard, and use of a water truck for dust abatement when disking (per A.Q.M.D.).

The following definitions have been provided for you knowledge and reference:

DISKING: Any property that is accesible by tractor or riding lawn mower. Also includes handwork along property lines and improvements.

HANDWORK: Any property that is not accessible by tractor or riding lawn mower. Weed eating is done only.

DISPOSING: To remove any accumulative hazard such as green waste, waste matter and rubbish piles. The abatement contractor will attach the receipt of the dumping fees to the invoice.

A.Q.M.D. Rule 403: Fugitive Dust Abatement. Use of water truck to mitigate fugitive dust during disking required by the Air Quality Management District. Below is a list of details of the subscription program.
1. The Weed Abatement Officer inspects the property on subscription.
2. If the property is in compliance, nothing is done to the property.
3. If the property is in violation, the Weed Abatement Officer contracts the property to be abated.
4. The contractor receives the work order and abates the property accordingly.
5. The Weed Abatement Officer periodically inspects the subscription property for re-growth.
6. If the property has additional growth or re-growth, it will be contracted up to 2 times. Additional abatement will be by permission of the property owner.

Cost Per:
One acre (0.01 acre to 1 acre is considered to be 1 acre)-$105.00

Additional acreage is rounded to the nearest acre. Includes Water Truck or dust abatement per A.Q.M.D. Rule 403 "Fugitive Dust Abatement."

$105.00 DISKING
$95.00 WATER TRUCK (per A.Q.M.D. requirement)
$35.00 HANDWORK- Hourly per person for handwork, three person maximum charge, if property is NOT accessible by tractor.

By submitting this agreement, I agree to have the City of Beaumont's weed abatement contractor go onto my property for abatement work. I UNDERSTAND THAT MY NAME WILL REMAIN ON THE LIST UNTIL I FURTHER NOTIFY THE CITY OF BEAUMONT IN WRITING AND REQUEST TO BE TAKEN OFF THE LIST.
You may choose one of two options for payment of weed abatement subscription services. The first option is to bill the property owner directly at the address provided. If you select this option, please fill out the neccessary information in the box below.
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